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Item No: 0253249
This compact HEPA air purifier quickly removes allergens, dust, pollen, mould, smoke, bacteria and viruses from your home’s air. The compact, portable design fits on a desktop or the floor. Perfect for rooms up to 60m2 (based on one air change per hour) - purify a 15m2 room in only 15 minutes.
Perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers, homes.
Did you know cooking, pollen, dust, air fresheners, cleaning products and other particles can all lower the quality of the air in your home? Three filter layers including a HEPA filter work together to capture 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns including dirt, dander, pollutants and allergens.
Odour Lock removes and neutralises odours, such as those caused by pets and cooking.
Automatically cleans your air
AUTO IQ intelligently tracks your home’s air quality and automatically adjusts cleaning power to keep your air quality level optimum.
After 100% clean air status is achieved for 10 minutes in Auto Mode, the air purifier will enter Eco Mode to optimise filter life and electricity usage.
Digital display screen
See whether your air quality is GOOD, FAIR or POOR and the percentage clean air, view the estimated time remaining until your air quality is GOOD, or view the amount of particulate matter (PM) in your air; switching between 3 particle sizes – PM 1 including ultra-fine allergens and viruses, PM 2.5 including smoke and bacteria, and PM 10 including dust, mould and pollen.
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