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Item No: 0240828
• Set of 2 solar-powered LED beacons (8 white LEDs and 2 RGB LEDs)
• Autonomy of about 8 hours maximum to sublimate your exterior
• Protection class IP 44, suitable for outdoor use
• Thanks to its light temperature of 6000 Kelvin, it gives off a cool white colour
• Recyclable and sustainable
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This set of 2 solar powered LED beacons includes 8 white LEDs and 2 multicolor RGB LEDs to power the Strip LEDs evenly and efficiently. Producing 30 lumens in total, it can be combined with any type of decor for a mood lighting according to your desires. Product designed by Xanlite, this solar-powered strip LED beacon is ideal for illuminating your garden paths, your walls or your terraces simply.
Thanks to its connected solar panel, this beacon does not waste your energy in outdoor lighting, on the contrary, it ensures a low consumption while saving energy, is guaranteed a sustainable use. Let it charge during the day and enjoy 8 hours of light autonomy.
Equipped with 3 meters of ribbons covered with a plastic sheath, the LED ribbon has an IP44 protection rating, i.e. protection against the intrusion of solid bodies larger than 1 mm (dust) and water projections.
Attention: Our LED ribbons can be cut every 10 cm, through the area dressed for this purpose. Once cut, only the part still wired will be able to work. It is therefore important to measure where you want to place the LED ribbon before making your cuts.
Practical advice:
Integrated with LED technology, they have a low power consumption, which will save you energy (up to 90%) even in case of intensive use. The product is recyclable at all Recyclum collection points and comes with a 2-year guarantee.
Never immerse the solar product in water.
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