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Item No: 0255945
This Stanley MMA invert welder is the perfect choice for any professional welder. It is fast, reliable and equipped with the latest technologies to simplify the welding process. The welding intensity can be adjusted from 0 to 160A, making it suitable for, among other things, welding thicker metal. The diameter of the electrodes can vary from 1.6 to 4 mm. The supply voltage is 230V and the no-load voltage is 90V. The device has a protection class of IP21S and is compatible with a 7.9 KVA generator.
 •Weld intensity: 0 - 160A
 •Diameter of electrodes: 1.6 to 4 mm
 •Supply voltage: 230V
 •No-load voltage: 90V
 •Protection class: IP21S
 •Compatible generator: 7.9Kva
 •Compact and very light (dimensions L 235 x D 105 x H 150 mm - net weight 2.8 kg)
 •Easier welding: anti-stick (no more sticking), arc force (current modulation), hot start (easy ignition).
 •Included accessories: electrode holder clamp, ground clamp, hammer brush, 10 electrodes, carrying case and a DIN11 auto-darkening mask.
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The Stanley Welder plus 160A +11Din mask is very light and compact, with a net weight of only 2.8 kg. The device is equipped with anti-stick (no more sticking), arc force (current modulation) and hot start (easy ignition) functions, making welding simple and hassle-free. The device comes with accessories such as an electrode holder clamp, grounding clamp, hammer brush, 10 electrodes, carrying case and a DIN11 automatic darkening mask.

Brand Stanley
Barcode 8004386614426
SupplierItemNumber STAR 4000 KIT
Weight 6.1Kg
Category Welding Machines
Color Yellow
Dimensions 41x20x35cm
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